Awards and Honours

1. Registrar's Prize for best paper presented:

"Dupuytren's Contracture in a Negro" S A Society for Surgery of the Hand Congress September 1978, Bloemfontein.

2. Registrar's Prize for best paper presented:

"Tibia en Fibula Frakture" 5th Faculty Day, University of Pretoria March 1979, Pretoria

3. Registrar's Prize for best paper presented:

"Tibia and Fibula Fractures" S A Orthopaedic Congress 10 - 14 September 1979, Pretoria.

4. H W Snyman Award (second prize) for paper presented:

"Die Paraskeletale "klou-plaatjie" vir Interne Fiksasie van Frakture" 7th Faculty Day, University of Pretoria 12 August 1981, Pretoria.

5. G F Dommisse Orthopaedic Registrar Prize

for 1979

6. H F Verwoerd Research Bursary

for 1982.

7. Mer-National Literary Prize :

"Geneeskunde" article for 1982

8. Smith and Nephew Literary Award for 1985 presented by The South African Orthopaedic Association for two-part paper:

"The Para-skeletal Clamp-on Plate" South African Medical Journal 1984 - p 167-170 and p 170 - 172.

9. South African Orthopaedic Association and National Council for the Care of Cripples Travelling Fellowship

for 1985 to a number of European Clinics - 23 August - 28 September 1985.

10. Chamber of Mines Research Grant

awarded for 1987.

11. Glaxo Literary Award - "CME" of SA Medical Journal:

Article for 1990.

12. Welcome Medal for Medical Research (finalist)

for 1990.

13. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 1991 for best publication:

"Metacarpal fractures and the Clamp-on plate" Journal of Hand Surgery, Vol 15B No.3, p295-298.

14. Isadore Kaplan Literary Prize 1992 for best publication:

"An Inproved Technique of Posterior Deltoid to Triceps Transfer in Tetraplegia" Journal of Hand Surgery, Vol 16B, No. 2, May 1991, p197-201

15. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 1994 for best publication:

“Early Corrective Surgery of the Wrist and Elbow in Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita”. Journal of Hand Surgery (B & J Vol) 1993, 18B: p304-307.

16. Visiting Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery:

University of Southern California, USA, June 1994

17. Frontispiece. Journal of hand Surgery:

British and European Volume, 21B, No 1, February 1996, p1.

18. “Who’s Who in the World”:

Marquies Who’s Who, 1996.

19. Visiting M B Lee Professor for 1996,
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery:

University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG October 1996

20. Best Poster Presentation, Academic Day, MEDUNSA Title:

“End-to-side Nerve Suture” 27 August 1997

21. Research Excellence Award,
Faculty of Medicine, MEDUNSA:

for 1997 - 27 August 1997

22. “A C Boonzaier Honorary Lecture” for 1997:

South African Society for Surgery of the Hand Congress Cape Town 30 – 31 August 1997

23. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 1997 for best publication:

“Training the Non-Dominant Upper Limb to Acquire Necessary Skills”. SA Bone & Joint Surgery, June 1996, Vol VI, No.3 p13-26. (With Eggers I M).

24. Second SASSH prize for Publication during 1997:

“Management of Elbow Flexion Paralysis in Brachial Plexus Injuries”. SA Bone & Joint Surgery, June 1996, Vol VI, No. 3 p27-29. (With Matime A M and Eggers I M).

25. 1997 South African Bureau of Standards Design Institute Award (Engineering Design Category):

for the Para-skeletal Clamp-on Plate (as well as the overall prize (Chairman’s Award for Excellence) for 1997 1 October 1997

26. 1997 Masimanyane Award

(The Engineering Association).

27. Travelling Professorship & Honorary Member Australian Society for Surgery of the Hand:

February 1998 to March 1998.

28. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 1998 for best publication:

“Arthrogryposis Congenita Multiplex: Techniques and indications for early corrective surgery of the wrist and elbow: in: “Current Practice in Hand Surgery”. Ed: Saffar P, Amadio P C and Foucher G. Chapter 57, Publ. Martin Dunitz, London 1997.

29. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 1999 for best publication:

“End-to-side Nerve Suture in the Non-Human Primate” and “End-to-side Nerve Suture in the Human Patient”. Hand Surgery Vol 3, No.1 1998: p1-6 and 7-15.

30. Khanyisa Award for Service Excellence for outstanding contribution to quality health care by the Gauteng Department of Health:

1 October 1999, Johannesburg based on research and clinical work done on end-to-side nerve suture.

31. Research Excellence Award, Faculty of Medicine, MEDUNSA

for 2000.

32. Dean’s Award, Faculty of Medicine, MEDUNSA

for 2000, in recognition for exceptional contribution to research on internal fixation of bone fractures and nerve suture.

33. “Inaugural Lecture” Founding of the Botswana Orthopaedic Association Francistown Botswana.

18-20 October 2000

34. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 2001 for best publication:

“Variations of the posterior interosseus nerve” Journal of Hand Surgery, Vol 25 B No 3, 2000; p281-282. (With Missankou AA and Sehgal AK)

35. “The Brooks Haywood Lecture”

17th Congress of the SA Rheumatism and Arthritis Association Pretoria. 30 March – 2 April 2001.

36. International Biographical Centre Cambridge UK

“2002 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century”

37. Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 2002 for best publication:

“The EFFUL Classification System: The Description, Application and Results of Evaluation of Function of the Flail Upper Limb” Journal of Hand Surgery, 26A, 2001; p68-76.

38. Inaugural Lecture:

“The Hand” Launching of the South African Journal of Hand Therapy 26 July 2003 Carstenhof Clinic, Midrand, South Africa

39. “The Contemporary Who’s Who of Professionals”


40. “Top Achiever of the Hospital in the last Decade”

Dr. George Mukhari Hospital (former Ga-Rankuwa Hospital) 27 April 2004

41. “Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 2004 for best publication”:

“End-to-Side Nerve Suture in Clinical Practice” Hand Surgery, Vol 8, No 1, July 2003, p33-42

42. “International Educator of the year 2004”:

International Biographical Centre Cambridge, England, UK

43. “Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 2005 for best publication”:

“Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita: Functional Classification and the AMC Disc-o-gram” Journal of Hand Surgery (B & E), Vol 29B, No4, p363-367

44. “South African Orthopaedic Association President’s Essay Medal”

2005 ”Arthroplasty of the first Carpo-Metacarpal Joint”

45. “KTP 2005 Award for Engineering Excellence”

Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom “Third Generation Mennen Plate”

46. “The Stratmed Prize for best research Paper”:

“The Distribution and Ultrastructure of Neuromuscular Junction in Extrinsic and Intrinsic Muscles of the Baboon”

SA Society for Surgery of the Hand Congress, Durban, 4-5 September 2006

(With Dr. C. Baker)

47. “Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 2006 for best publication”:

“Trapezio-metacarpal joint osteoarthritis – Simplifying a created problem” South African Orthopaedic Journal, November 2005, p8-16

48. Honorary Member of the South African Society of Hand Therapists

(membership no. H02) November 2007.

49. Honorary Biography in: Dieter Buck-Gramcko, Editor :

“Ein Leben für die Handchirurgie – 100 Lebensbilder” Steinkopff Verlag , 2007, p179-181.

50. “Isidore Kaplan Literary Prize 2011 for best publication”:

"STT Osteo-Arthritis: Working Classification"

Journal of Hand Surgery (Asian-Pacific) V15 No 3 2010, p203-210

(Dr. Johan v/d Westhuizen and Prof. Ulrich Mennen)


51. “ MACROMED BARRY O"BRIEN MEMORIAL PRIZE for best presentation 2011”

"The Liebenberg Syndrome"

SA Society for Surgery of the Hand Congress, Sun City, 2-4 September 2011

52. "Special Certificate"

from the South African Society for Surgery of the Hand

in recognition of his term as President of the IFSSH 2010-2013

and for his South African and International Leadership in Hand Surgery.

SASSH Congress, 3 September 2011, Sun City

53.  Top 10 most read papers in Hand Surgery (Asia-Pacific Journal)Mennen U. “End-to-Side Nerve Suture (ETSNS) in Clinical Practice"

                                                    Hand Surgery(Asia-Pacific) Vol 8, No 1, July 2003;p33-42


   54.  Most read (British and European Journal) (2005)

Mennen U, Van Heest A, Ezaki MB, Tonkin M, Gericke G.



 Arthogryposis Multiplex Congenita” IFSSH Committee Report:

  Journal of Hand Surgery (B and E), October 2005, Vol 30 B, No 5, p468-474.



Mennen U. "Extensor Digitorum Communis (EDC) Anchor and Interposition Arthroplasty for the Metacarpo-     Phalangeal Joint (MCPJ)" 



Journal of Hand Surgery (Asian-Pacific) 2017, 22(4), 548-551



Honour bestowed by the International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH)

17 June 2019

Berlin, Germany